Open on Tuesday evenings

By Nigel Tolley | 2021-08-31 |

We are now open again on Tuesday evenings. If you’ve not been before, please send an email to check there is space, we are definitely open, etc but if you’ve been before, bring a mask and we will see you there! After 7:30pm.

Covid19 / SARS-CoV-2

By Nigel Tolley | 2020-03-21 |

Sadly, in light of the pandemic we are currently on hiatus. Please drop us a line or visit the Discord server.


By Nigel Tolley | 2019-05-12 |

Please come and join us on our new Discord server at Moving to Discord, which will run on almost any platform, should make communications much easier, as it doesn’t require a smartphone, but uses them to great effect if you do, and has a good search system. You can still email if you want!

Changes ahead!

By Nigel Tolley | 2019-04-10 |

Time really does fly! But we remain constant, on Tuesday evenings.We are currently making a metalwork area, with a heavy duty welding table, press brake, shear, vice and punch (ok, it’s a fly press, you have to add the punch yourself) with wheels, as well as sub dividing the space. This will give us better…

It’s been 6 months!

By Nigel Tolley | 2018-07-15 |

Yes, it’s been half a year since we last posted anything in the website, but in the time we have gone from strength to strength. We now have the new laser engraver working (a diode one) as well as the CO2 laser cutter. Bandsaw, chopsaw/mitre saw, bench grinder, and more, including, yesterday, a new shop…

Starting to look a lot like… Well, not Christmas!

By Nigel Tolley | 2018-01-25 |

Last Tuesday we had a new possible member along, and we got a lot of organising done. The 3d printer is 90% set up, as is the CNC mill, and the laser cutter is about 25% there, as the extraction problem has been solved with two planks. (Yes, really.) Also the new bandsaw and chopsaw…

Moved! (Excuse the mess)

By Nigel Tolley | 2017-12-04 |

So, we have now successfully completed the move to our new and slightly secret location. Well, ok, it’s not exactly a secret, but you’ll not find it without a map. It’s just about a mile outside of Bromyard towards Worcester. We no longer have a presence at the old location adjacent C7. If you want…


By Nigel Tolley | 2017-11-08 |

Sadly, our time at the Porthouse Business Centre on Tenbury Road is drawing to a close. However, we have a new location, subject to confirmation, so all is well! If you plan to come along after the 25th of November, then contact us if you want to be sure you are going to the correct…

Welcome to 2017!

By Nigel Tolley | 2017-01-09 |

Yes, we are back for the new year! (Had we really gone away, since the first meeting was last week? It was just quiet because of holidays, etc.) If you want to come along on Tuesday nights, please do. Not much to say, really – members make stuff, some of it simple, some of it…

First proper Tuesday night session at new premise

By Nigel Tolley | 2016-08-31 |

Last night was the first full-on Tuesday session at the new Makerspace location, and very good it was too! Several new children and adult future members attended, hopefully. They definitely attended, & hopefully they were impressed & will join! It was really nice to see every one of the kids getting creative with the craft…

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