/// About Make:Bromyard

We are a makerspace based in Bromyard in Herefordshire. (Our exact location is a closely guarded secret, with the Google Map pin at least 30 centimetres from the actual location of our front door!) A makerspace is a co-operative facility where people can come and make things. Whether those things are robots, cakes, computer programs, prototypes for products you’ve designed, science projects for school, dresses, sculptures or something else entirely is up to you and your imagination!

We welcome makers of all ages and from time to time we run sessions specifically aimed at younger makers. If you do bring children, though, we ask that you supervise them, as we are not a youth club or a childminding facility. The whole idea is that you make things together 🙂

Our open nights are (mostly – paused due to UK Lockdown 3!) every Tuesday from 7:30pm onwards – but please contact us in advance, because we’re a small group and sometimes we skip a week e.g. during holidays. There are loads of ways you can find out what’s happening on any given day/night:

We want to schedule activities based on what people want to do/learn/make/try. You should probably join our Discord group and let us know what you are interested in doing!

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