What’s in a name?

Why are we a Makerspace, rather than a Hackerspace? Or indeed a fablab or techshop?

This article geeks it over the subtle differences.


Having read it, I’m pretty clear that Make:Bromyard is/was the perfect choice of name.

While we have had a few people come along to the Thursday night open evening and be a little dismissive of the kids running around, and indeed the hardcore geeks they’ve been meeting (One guy actually said, “So when do the geeks arrive?” He somehow missed the home build RC plane made from a drainpipe, the laser cutter, the home brew CNC mill and various robots about the place?) in the main everyone has loved it.

Of course, Thursday Open Evenings are a poor way to experience what you can actually do at the ‘space, because parents bringing their kids along means that it is very family oriented – you wouldn’t want to be trying anything that requires concentration! But the evenings are there to let people see what they could do.
A subtle but important difference.

(The whole point of joining is that you will get the quieter times to yourself to get on and do your thing. That’s why you as a member can get 24/7 access.)

Also, we made a commitment to the landlord, Bromyard & Wilmslow Council, to have one evening a week for children, & currently the Thursday evening combines that.

So, come for a look at our ‘space on a Thursday, argue names semantics over Hackspace, Hackerspace or Makerspace (we certainly aren’t a techshop or fablab – we have no staff) and then join and create something awesome!

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