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Posts by Nigel Tolley

Yes, an update!

Finally, after a new visitor tonight pointed out the website still referred to last November, I’m updating it! We will likely be changing this so that it feeds directly from Twitter and Facebook, but in the absence of time for working on code, please take a look at the Make:Bromyard group on Facebook or @MakeBromyard…

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Flowerdews on the town square – a new project?

The Deputy Mayor has asked if we would be up for a challenge! In 2000, in the town square, there was installed a rather clever clock. With three figures, a woman with a fan to protect her modesty, an artist painting, and a peeping tom, linked to a powered mechanism and with the clock in…

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Scarecrow festival

Currently it is the Bromyard scarecrow festival! You can see our scarecrow in the ‘space window, we are number 23 on the festival route. The entries this year are superb, with several excellent examples very nearby. I think we win on cool props, but we clearly need to work on our scarecrow heads. At least…

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Strawbees build night

Tonight (Thursday 14th May) we are having the Instructables build night for “Strawbees”, which is a drinking straw based building and construction kit. Come along from 6pm and have a go at creating wonderful moving and static objects by using the Strawbee push connection system. Fun for all ages! There will also be the usual…

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What’s in a name?


Why are we a Makerspace, rather than a Hackerspace? Or indeed a fablab or techshop? This article geeks it over the subtle differences. Having read it, I’m pretty clear that Make:Bromyard is/was the perfect choice of name. While we have had a few people come along to the Thursday night open evening and be…

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Last night’s progress

Last night we were treated to John G’s amazing coffee machine. This bit of kit looked like something out of Breaking Bad, and despite not being a coffee drinker myself, I was still fascinated. The resulting cups of coffee were widely regarded as ‘the best ever’! In other news, due to a slight, er, mistake…

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Laser Cutter Bench Installed

Many thanks to Will for building a lovely custom bench for the laser cutter. Once one top and shelf were screwed on it was nice and sturdy, after we got it in place Nigel and I spent some time hacking (sorry…i mean delicately cutting) a hole in the window for the fume extraction system, we…

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Exciting news about new premises!

Following a meeting with the Bromyard town council sub-committee last Tuesday, we are likely to be given the use of the building we have been eyeing up to use. There is a full meeting in two weeks time, and this should give us the go ahead to move in. It is very exciting. We have…

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First meeting next Thursday! (22nd of January)

The first proper meeting of the new Make:Bromyard ‘make cool stuff’ group will be next Thursday at 6:30pm onwards. Join us! Meet interesting people interested in making interesting things! The address is The Old Vicarage, 1 Rowberry Street, Bromyard HR7 4DU. Park in the car park – it’s free after hours – and you’ll find…

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