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Open Nights

First proper Tuesday night session at new premise

Last night was the first full-on Tuesday session at the new Makerspace location, and very good it was too! Several new children and adult future members attended, hopefully. They definitely attended, & hopefully they were impressed & will join! It was really nice to see every one of the kids getting creative with the craft…

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Yes, an update!

Finally, after a new visitor tonight pointed out the website still referred to last November, I’m updating it! We will likely be changing this so that it feeds directly from Twitter and Facebook, but in the absence of time for working on code, please take a look at the Make:Bromyard group on Facebook or @MakeBromyard…

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November Activities

It’s November already! That means fireworks, wrapping up warm, drinking soup from a mug round a bonfire, and another month of making! Our open nights are from 5.30pm every Thursday. You can come at any time after that, though we have structured sessions from 5.30-6.30 (aimed at kids) and 8-9 (aimed at adults). 5th November…

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Strawbees build night

Tonight (Thursday 14th May) we are having the Instructables build night for “Strawbees”, which is a drinking straw based building and construction kit. Come along from 6pm and have a go at creating wonderful moving and static objects by using the Strawbee push connection system. Fun for all ages! There will also be the usual…

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Last night’s progress

Last night we were treated to John G’s amazing coffee machine. This bit of kit looked like something out of Breaking Bad, and despite not being a coffee drinker myself, I was still fascinated. The resulting cups of coffee were widely regarded as ‘the best ever’! In other news, due to a slight, er, mistake…

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