Flowerdews on the town square – a new project?

The Deputy Mayor has asked if we would be up for a challenge!

In 2000, in the town square, there was installed a rather clever clock. With three figures, a woman with a fan to protect her modesty, an artist painting, and a peeping tom, linked to a powered mechanism and with the clock in the centre, it could be programmed to move when the clock chimed.


For 12 or 13 years it did this daily, drawing crowds, & people still appear from time to time looking for the clock.

So today I have spoken to Ray at Flowerdews about where things currently are.

I now have the two heads (or what remains of them) & several photos of the bits that remain. The bodies were hardwood, & are largely intact, but the softwood heads have, er, well, you can see for yourselves!



He’s looking a bit better than she is!

The mechanism was pretty simple, but alarmingly seems to have been mains voltage, in wet wood! When the time signal was sent through, the chimes played and the system went into action, apparently controlled by two microswitches in the clock mechanism, which simply switched mains voltage to the motors, driving everything on a relatively simple mechanism.

From Flowerdews’ website:

At the front of the building, above the bay windows and between the balconies is the now famous and risqué clock “Belle of Bromyard” (an automation clock) which was added to the front of the building for the millennium, it was designed by Michael N Oxenham, (who worked from his studio here), and was carved and automated by Robert Race a master “Toymaker”, it depicts an artist and his model and chimes

each hour.



Can we fix it? Probably. Can we improve on it? Come along on our Thursday open nights and find out how!

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  1. Nigel Tolley on 2015-06-15 at 23:13

    Please join our forum to talk about this exciting project! http://forum.makebromyard.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=33&p=148 is the direct link to this topic.

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