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If you want to get involved in Make:Bromyard drop by an open night or one of our other events. Open nights are free to attend but donations are very gratefully received and help support the space (there may also be costs for materials if you’re using consumables but we’ll tell you about these at the time). Guests are welcome in the space at any time as long as a member is present.


Make:Bromyard is a non-profit organisation but we do have costs! These include the cost of equipment and maintenance of that equipment, materials and consumables, utilities, insurance and (not immediately, but in future) rent.

In order to cover those costs and be able to maintain our equipment and buy new stuff, we ask members to pay what they feel is fair for their use of the space. We suggest at least £10/month, or £25/month if you’d like to be a keyholder. If this is prohibitive for you, speak to us! We can take individual circumstances into account.

What do you get?

In exchange for your membership fee, you get:

  • Access to the space any time you like*
  • Storage space for your projects and personal stuff
  • A say in the way things are run and the opportunity to be involved in decisions and help run the place!
  • A warm good feeling that you’re supporting an awesome project that will benefit Bromyard and the people who live here.

*If you’re not a keyholder, then someone who is will need to let you in if the space is locked. This is usually possible between about 7am and 9pm. This will all get much easier once we have a full access control system in place but we need to build the membership before we can afford that!

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