Last night’s progress

Last night we were treated to John G’s amazing coffee machine. This bit of kit looked like something out of Breaking Bad, and despite not being a coffee drinker myself, I was still fascinated. The resulting cups of coffee were widely regarded as ‘the best ever’!


In other news, due to a slight, er, mistake last week, the laser cutter needs a new fuse. Hopefully nothing more was affected, & the 6A quick blow utterly obscure fuses have been located on Amazon. Sadly even with Prime, due to the Easter holiday we won’t see them until at least Tuesday. (Where’s our 30 minute drone delivery, eh?)

I also made a lovely new electro luminescent sign for the window in our logo colours. I just need to feed 3.15 volts or so to the window display area.

The new door (sub)system is good to go – just needs a few more solder joints and two screws, & a foot of wire.

The Fire Officer is coming on Tuesday, Dave will be talking to him, & so we will see what he thinks of the ‘curious’ building design. (Sadly, my actual job intrudes and I have several locks to change and open so likely can’t be there.)

See you at next Thursday’s open night!
We will be playing with Instamorph, a new hand moldable heat sensitive/setting plastic. 🙂

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  1. Nigel Tolley on 2015-04-03 at 08:33

    Oh, & thanks to Andrews & Arnold (A&A internet) the ‘space now has broadband wifi internet! I’ll write up the saga one day, perhaps, but suffice to say the reaction of the two BT OpenReach staff to the sound of RevK telling them that the line was working was priceless!

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