What’s in a name?

By Nigel Tolley | 2015-04-11 |

Why are we a Makerspace, rather than a Hackerspace? Or indeed a fablab or techshop? This article geeks it over the subtle differences. Having read it, I’m pretty clear that Make:Bromyard is/was the perfect choice of name. While we have had a few people come along to the Thursday night open evening and be…

Last night’s progress

By Nigel Tolley | 2015-04-03 |

Last night we were treated to John G’s amazing coffee machine. This bit of kit looked like something out of Breaking Bad, and despite not being a coffee drinker myself, I was still fascinated. The resulting cups of coffee were widely regarded as ‘the best ever’! In other news, due to a slight, er, mistake…

Laser Cutter Bench Installed

By Nigel Tolley | 2015-03-20 |

Many thanks to Will for building a lovely custom bench for the laser cutter. Once one top and shelf were screwed on it was nice and sturdy, after we got it in place Nigel and I spent some time hacking (sorry…i mean delicately cutting) a hole in the window for the fume extraction system, we…

Open night Thursday 19/03/15

By Kate Tolley | 2015-03-19 |

Tonight is open night at the space, and we have various plans! We’re going to do a few things with Makey Makeys (we planned to do that last week, but there was so much else going on that we didn’t get that far!); Nigel is going to be working on an access control system powered by a Raspberry…

Open night this Thursday!

By Kate Tolley | 2015-03-04 |

This Thursday night (5th March) is our first open night at the Heritage Centre. We’re there from 6pm and our main activity will be t-shirt/bag printing (using a vinyl cutter and heat press), but there’ll be lots of other things going on too and we’ll be showing off some of the equipment we’ve got and…

Premises Confirmed!

By Kate Tolley | 2015-02-18 |

At the council meeting on Monday night (16th Feb) it was confirmed that we will have the use of the Heritage Centre for at least the next year! Let the making commence! (and watch this space for further announcements – we don’t have the keys yet, so please don’t just turn up)

Exciting news about new premises!

By Nigel Tolley | 2015-02-01 |

Following a meeting with the Bromyard town council sub-committee last Tuesday, we are likely to be given the use of the building we have been eyeing up to use. There is a full meeting in two weeks time, and this should give us the go ahead to move in. It is very exciting. We have…

First meeting next Thursday! (22nd of January)

By Nigel Tolley | 2015-01-08 |

The first proper meeting of the new Make:Bromyard ‘make cool stuff’ group will be next Thursday at 6:30pm onwards. Join us! Meet interesting people interested in making interesting things! The address is The Old Vicarage, 1 Rowberry Street, Bromyard HR7 4DU. Park in the car park – it’s free after hours – and you’ll find…

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