It’s been 6 months!

Yes, it’s been half a year since we last posted anything in the website, but in the time we have gone from strength to strength.

We now have the new laser engraver working (a diode one) as well as the CO2 laser cutter. Bandsaw, chopsaw/mitre saw, bench grinder, and more, including, yesterday, a new shop vacuum to keep the dust down and, perhaps more exciting, a milling machine!

The addition of a small (up to 6mm bits) Proxon metalwork milling machine is a great one, and we will site it next to the (working) lathe. The big old lathe needs to be removed to make some space though!

The new electronics area is the most pressing need for the members though, as the current desk is too crowded and without storage. But a dozen small plastic boxes have been purchased, ready!

Hope to see you soon.

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